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December 15, 2021by Chris O'Donohue

What YOU Need to Know:

There are some homeowners who seem to have everything – the perfect home, the latest appliances, and all of the gadgets they could ever want. If you’re looking for a gift for one of these homeowners, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. From luxurious items that will make their home even more beautiful to practical gifts that will make their lives easier, we’ve got something for every type of homeowner. Keep reading to find out what our top housewarming gift picks are!

6 Best Housewarming Gifts

Homeowner who likes to cook

1. For the new homeowner who loves to cook

A common problem among people who like to cook – especially those who like to bake or make candy – is that they tend to quickly exhaust the usefulness of their kitchen appliances. After using them for years (or months) straight, many cooking aficionados find themselves wishing that they had something new and different with which to replace their worn-out tools, pots, and pans. If the homeowner you’re shopping for is one of these people, consider getting them a new set of pots and pans. There’s something so nice about upgrading cookware when you move into a new house. Other thoughtful gifts for the kitchen include oven mitts, a dutch oven, a cocktail shaker, rice cooker, coffee maker, bottle opener, cutting board, or a bread baking machine.

Homeowner who is always on phone or tablet

2. For the new homeowner who is always on their phone or tablet

Help the tech-lover in your life stay organized and charged up with a charging station. If you want to buy a charging station as a housewarming gift, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure the person you’re buying it for has an electronic device that needs charging. Second, find out what type of electronic device the person uses. Some charging stations also come with built-in organizational features, like slots for pens and paper or a spot to store your phone’s headphones. This can be a thoughtful housewarming gift for the person who is always losing their headphones or can never seem to find a pen when they need one. The best housewarming gifts tend to be useful and thoughtful, not to mention fun and/or elegant!

Homeowner who likes to garden

3. For the new homeowners who love to garden

Gardening enthusiasts love their plants, and most of them also enjoy home decor. If you’re looking for a gift that combines style with utility, consider giving the gardener in your life a landscape lighting system. Our team can create custom landscape lighting solutions that activate when it gets dark outside, illuminating your garden or planter box. A well-designed landscape lighting system adds significant value and enjoyment to any outdoor space. This would make the perfect housewarming gift that will be enjoyed all year round.

Homeowner with too many clothes

4. For the new homeowners with too many clothes in their closet

One of the biggest problems for homeowners is having too much stuff. If you’re buying a gift for someone who has more clothes than they could ever wear in their lifetime, consider getting them a garment rack to make storing and organizing their current wardrobe easier and more manageable. For example, a garment rack is a great way to free up closet space, and it can also be used as a makeshift drying rack for delicates.

Homeowner who likes to entertain

5. For the new homeowners who loves to entertain

If the new homeowners on your list love to host parties and events in their home, they may be dying to get their hands on some chic patio furniture. A round table with a few matching chairs is a great gift for the person who loves to host impromptu picnics or cookouts, and it’s also a nice way of adding seating to the porch without taking up too much space. Plus, patio furniture is a great way to make the most out of the warm weather when it finally arrives. Thoughtful housewarming gifts are gifts that match the homeowners personality and taste best, so keep this in mind when looking for the perfect gift to bring to the housewarming party.

Homeowner who says they dont need anything huh

6. For the new homeowners who says they “don’t want anything”

If you’re looking to give something more thoughtful and practical, consider a cash contribution towards a home upgrade. Many homeowners dream of upgrading their deck, installing new garden boxes, or booking regular lawn maintenance. A cash gift gives them the freedom to choose the home upgrade that they really want, and it also eliminates the need to worry about returning a gift or exchanging it for something else. Sometimes good old fashioned cash in an envelope is a complete gift that goes a long way to helping set-up a new home.

How to know if you’ve picked the best housewarming gift

No matter what gift you choose, make sure it is something that the homeowner will appreciate and be able to use. When in doubt, a gift card is always a thoughtful gift. Whether they’re already living in their dream home or are still searching for a new space, there’s a housewarming gift idea here that will make shopping easier!

Great Canadian Landscaping Company can help create unique housewarming gifts

If you’re looking for more ideas, our team at The Great Canadian Landscaping can help! Contact us today to find out more about the housewarming gifts we offer. From lawn maintenance packages to custom decking solutions, we have ideas to help make the homeowners new house shine.

What do you consider to be the best housewarming gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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