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Your Irrigation System: Special Offer For New Clients Only

Winter is almost here, which means it’s time to get your home sprinkler system turned off before the cold weather hits. It is important to turn your irrigation system off ahead of time to avoid damage that can be caused during the winter season. Our qualified Irrigation Specialists (IIABC) will make a thorough inspection of your home sprinkler system. We will make sure your system is properly turned off until we come back for sprinkler start-ups. We use large compressors to blow out any remaining water that could be left behind in the underground pipes to prevent freezing of underground pipes or sprinkler heads. We also turn off the main water connection and turn your irrigation controller off until spring.


Book your winterization service by Oct 23, 2014 and pay only $50.00 for Residential Clients and $100.00 for Commercial and Strata Clients*

*This service is regularly priced at $99 for residential customers and $150 for commercial properties. North Shore residents and commercial/strata clients only. Call 604.924.5296 to register.

Your Lawn: Fight Against Moss

During the winter months moss spores can start to take over and infest your lawn. If you apply moss control and lime ahead of the winter months it will alleviate some of this from occurring. Moss generally thrives when the turf is weakened or stressed, a common problem in our cold, wet winters on the North Shore.
moss 2

  • The lime increases the PH of the soil as well which is a natural inhibitor of moss growth. Acidic soil does not allow the lawn to take up key nutrients that it needs to grow well.
  • The Moss Control will kill off the present spores and moss to prevent them from multiplying.
  • Core Aeration is also important to improve the drainage and relieve some of the compaction since the last time your lawn was aerated. Core Aeration is the removal of soil plugs; this allows air to penetrate directly to the root zone. The added oxygen encourages soil microbes to break down organic matter, such as thatch. The holes also allow water to penetrate more easily. In severe situations, you may have to regrade the area or install drainage tiles. If the lawn drains more it will prevent rotting of the turf and allow the roots to be stronger in the spring.

*Savings of approximately $50, based on a 2000 square foot lawn. Larger lawns may cost additional. Taxes not included. Valid during October and November 2014 and for residents on the North Shore only.

Your Lighting: Illuminate Your Landscape

As the winter season grows closer, it begins getting dark earlier and earlier, leaving your landscape  in the dark. Not to worry, we can help! Now is the perfect time to install landscape lighting to illuminate your beautiful landscape and outdoor living area. Extend your living space and illuminate the landscape that you enjoy during the day into the evening. Path and accent lighting is key to having a safe and secure home. Ask one of our lighting specialists about the LED options that are available from many of our preferred suppliers such as Hadco, Kichler and Focus Lighting.
Any landscape lighting package approved by November 15th, 2014 will receive up to $250.00 or the equivalent discount of 10% off the overall project*
Our landscape lighting services include:

  • Architectural and landscape lighting design
  • Fully certified and insured professional installations
  • Annual and seasonal maintenance and adjustments
  • Security illumination and motion-activated perimeter lighting
  • Holiday celebration lighting
  • Existing system repairs and maintenance

We also service:  Small and Large Strata Properties, Commercial Offices and Buildings, Restaurants, Churches, Schools & Warehouse Complexes

*This offer is valid for residential clients on the North Shore and for any appointments booked between October 10th and November 14th, 2014
Call for a free assessment and consultation at 604.359.2359, or read more about our residential services here.

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