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We provide lawn and garden care for residential, strata and commercial properties!

Let Great Canadian be Great for you. We provide quality lawn and garden services to residential, strata and commercial properties by professional Landscape Horticulturists.


Lawn & Garden Maintenance Services

We offer Weekly & Bi-Weekly Lawn and Garden Maintenance Packages based on 9,10, or 12 month Service Contracts.

These packages include the following services:

Lawn Maintenance

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Core Aeration, Liming and Moss Control
  • Lawn and Garden Fertilization programs
  • Custom Lawn Treatments & Weed Control programs
  • Chafer Beetle and Japanese Beetle Treatment programs
  • Edging of Garden Beds
  • Blowing of Driveways, Patios and Walkways after each visit
  • Removal of Debris each visit

Garden Maintenance

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Garden Maintenance
  • Weeding of Beds regularly with soil cultivation
  • Trimming of Perennials & Shrubs as required during the season
  • Hedge & Tree Pruning (some height restrictions apply)
  • Leaf Cleanup as needed
  • Scheduled Garden Fertilization programs
  • Blowing of Driveways, Entrances, Sidewalks, Courtyards, & Patios after each visit
  • Removal of Debris each visit

Other Services we provide:

Seasonal Cleanups

We can provide additional seasonal cleanups or can schedule a cleanup on a monthly or quarterly basis. This service allows you the freedom to customize your maintenance dependant on your landscapes needs. 


Lawn Repairs

After cold and wet Winters or hot and dry Summers, your lawn may need some extra TLC. We can help by analyzing your current turf condition and recommend a cost effective way to fix it. Our repair services include Power Raking, Core Aeration, Liming and Moss Control Application, Topdressing, Overseeding and Fertilization. If repairing your lawn is out of the question, we can a proposal for  new turf or synthetic turf to be installed and provide the instant lawn you want.


Hedge and Tree Pruning 

We can help with those hedges in need of some taming. From cedars to laurels, we currently offer Pruning services up to 12ft in height. If it is something out of our height restrictions we work with many local, Certified Arborists we trust to get the job done right.


Seasonal Clean Ups

Every season, the garden may need a little tidy or sprucing up. We offer the right commercial landscape services no matter what time of year. From pruning of shrubs, hedges and trees to instillation of mulches upon completion of our cleanup, we can help


Seasonal Plantings & Custom Planters

Including seasonal plantings or custom planters in your maintenance program makes it easier to ensure your property gets the love it needs all year round. Adding an array of annuals to the gardens not only improves the appearance, it also will make everyone happier! We can install annuals & perennials in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter based on the needs of your property & budget.


Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs 

When it comes to Irrigation, having a professional ensure it is in good working order will save you money and time. When the system is operating efficiently, you wont waste any water and your plants will be getting the love they need as well. If something breaks or you need to modify an irrigation zone, let us know and we will take care of it for you. We also can include Spring Startup, Monthly Maintenance and Winterizations into your program to save you the hassle of arranging this service on your own.


Landscape Lighting & Repairs

Lighting is a very important part of the landscape that always should be in working order. It not only accents the shrubs, trees or paths, it also provides security for your house or strata building. Landscape lighting is often the one thing that makes it safe to come home late into the evening and when it all functions properly, everyone is happier. We can include seasonal tuneups of your lighting system in your Maintenance program which includes, checking all of the lights, cleaning lenses and replacing any bulbs if needed. Let our team ensure your lights are always working and make your life easier.


Snow & Ice Management

We offer Snow & Ice Management to all of our clients. We provide on call, 24/7 services to make sure your strata or business is safe all winter long. 

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Black Ice Protocol
  • De-icing Services
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Snow Plowing

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