The European Chafer Beetle has recently been spreading across the Lower Mainland as well as the North Shore. What’s the problem? These pests feed on the roots of lawn, turf, and plants, ultimately destroying your lawn and garden. It is important to take the necessary steps to counter-act the Chafer Beetle and reduce damage to your garden. 

Management & Special Offer:

1. Do not over-fertilize lawn, keep it regular (spring, summer, fall, winter)

2. Feed with transform turf soil to increase nutrients to lawn

3. Aerate in the spring and fall, liming and moss control will also prove beneficial

4. Mow lawn 2-2.5” to promote growth

5. Install proper irrigation system and water regularly 

6. Nematodes!

What are Nematodes? Nematodes are a safer-chafer solution that can be applied to your lawn to mitigate the unwanted Chafer Beetle. Note – the Nematode solution is pet and family friendly.

Read more about the European Chafer Beetle and Nematodes here.

Special Offer: Place Your Nematode order by June 16, 2014 and receive $100 off! Special price of $200 per 2000 ft ². Place your order at or call 604.359.2359.

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