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The Roots of Our Family Plant Legacy

In North Vancouver, amidst the lush greenery and the rich scents of earth and foliage, my story—our story—takes root. Standing amidst an oasis of vibrant florals and verdant plants, I can vividly recall the first time my small hands plunged into the soil alongside my father’s larger, more experienced ones. From as far back as my memory can stretch, plants have been the silent witnesses to the growth of our family bond—a bond etched deep within us both, a generational legacy that has blossomed over time.

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A Seedling’s First Lessons

The earliest memories were lessons, not just in horticulture, but in life—presented through the medium of our shared love for plants. I remember a crisp morning, the air heavy with the sweet fragrance of the recent rainfall, as my dad and I set out to tend our homes garden. Each plant was more than mere greenery; they were chapters of our lives, pages filled with stories waiting to be told. That day, we planted a Maple tree that stood for beginnings, for hope. He spoke of soil composition and the balance of nutrients, yet what truly took root was the underlying principle of care and dedication—not just for plants but for everything worth nurturing.

Through Seasons and Challenges

Of the many seasons that swept by, with their trials and triumphs, one stood out, etched in my mind with the clarity of hardship overcome. A cold and wet spring in ’99 posed a formidable threat to our family run garden centre. We struggled through it and decided to open a Xmas Store at our new location in Park Royal to make amends for the Spring we had just suffered through. To our bitter surprise, weeks before we planned to open, Eaton’s, our anchor tenant next to us closed it’s doors for good and crushed our goals of glorious sales of Christmas goods when they slashed there own Christmas goods two weeks before we opened. Unfortunately, this forced my father to make the difficult decision to close our doors forever and look for other opportunities.

The Circle Completes

The narrative of our connection with plants has spiraled beautifully over time; from the days of childhood endeavors to the ripe chapters of business strides, all coalescing magnificently when my father decided to joined my company. There he was, taking the helm and assisting in the managing our yard and vehicles and being one of our seasoned Snow and Ice Management Veterans. In what seemed to me the closing of a circle in our family plant legacy 24 years earlier led us to where we are today. His joining was not just an addition of hands; it was the merging of past and present, of experience and aspiration.

There’s a poetic justice in life’s ebb and flow, a rhyme to the rhythm of time’s perpetual march that brought the two of us together in this dance with nature. With each passing day, as we labor side by side, we do more than grow plants — we nurture the invisible, yet inextricable bonds that define us.

Our love for plants is deeply rooted, yes, and while the future remains an unwritten chapter, this much is certain—it will be inked with the legacy of our shared passion, a family tradition cultivated through love, sweat, and soil, under the same sky that once looked upon a little boy shadowing his father’s every move.

Now, as I watch my father, stooped amongst the plants he has grown to master and love, I understand that this legacy has always been my destiny. Our love of plants are the legacy we thrive through, an emblem of our family’s bond — a bond that flourishes with each seed sown, with each plant that reaches towards the sun, mirroring the resplendence of a family’s undying love.

For us, plants have always been more than rooted life — they’ve been the lifeblood of connection, stretching across generations, fortified by the shared soil of our existence. It’s a comforting thought, one that promises permanence against the shifting sands of time. And it’s in this promise, in this enduring love for plants, that our legacy will continue to grow, steadfast and strong, for years to come.

Thank you Dad, for your guidance, support and love throughout my journey and milestones along the way.

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