In May 2014 we led a community effort to transform a plot of land into a Native Bee habitat. The bee garden is situated in the Edgemont Village area south of Ridgewood Drive and Capilano Road… so come check it out! We are now proud to present our video capturing bees roaming their new habitat!

Native Bee Garden Video:

Did you know one-third of our food supply relies on pollination from bees? Without our friendly bees, food supplies will decrease as costs rise. These little critters are vital to our food chain and it is our responsibility to educate others of their value and threats to their existence.

This project is close to our hearts as we live and play on the North Shore and want to ensure we have a healthy ecosystem for future generations.

Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem and it is up to us to conserve and promote bee populations. This is the main reason for taking part in this ‘bee-friendly’ project.

Thank you to all our partners: Bee Friendly, Edible Garden ProjectDistrict of North Vancouver, Headwater Management, Edgemont Business Association, Adopt-a-Street, Little Pickers and Maple Leaf Garden Center

Location: Edgemont Village area south of Ridgewood Drive and Capilano Road


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