Raised planters add beauty and dimension to your yard and actually make gardening work easier. There are many advantages over traditional ground level gardens, including better control over drainage, soil temperature, soil nutrient quality, and pests.

Raised beds can also provide the opportunity to garden in confined spaces or areas without a true yard. Beautiful and functional solutions such as a tiered garden can help to define the edge of the patio or lawn area.

Garden beds are a great help for bad backs – you won’t have as far to reach to weed or harvest. Incorporating seating areas into into planter design can also help by offering a comfortable perch while tending to your garden.

Types of Raised Garden Beds

There are many types of raised beds including stand alone planters, decorative planters with seating, and hanging types with trailing plants. The Great Canadian Landscaping Company can help you design, install and maintain your raised garden beds. We’ll help you choose the right type of planter structure based on your garden, and choose a style that complements the aesthetics of your home. Winter or spring are the best seasons to design and install, so you can start the growing season on time.

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