Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to get your home sprinkler system turned on and tuned up. A well-maintained residential irrigation system saves water and keeps your lawn and garden looking beautiful all year long.

For a limited time, we’re offering our Spring Sprinkler Start Up for only $50!*


Our qualified Irrigation Specialists (IIABC) will make a thorough inspection of your home sprinkler system. We’ll make sure the timers work properly and comply with Municipal bylaws, the heads are clog-free and pointing where they should be for optimum coverage, and the system is performing to its full capacity. If we notice any issues during our testing, we’ll make an evaluation and provide an estimate for repairs, free of charge.

The Great Canadian Landscaping Company specializes in the installation, calibration and maintenance of home sprinkler systems. We have the experience, certification and know-how to ensure every job is done right and on time, every time.

Take advantage of this special offer by calling 604.359.2359.*

*This service is regularly priced at $89 -$140 for residential customers with up to 4 zones. Book  before April 22, 2014 to get the special offer.

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