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Our hard working team at GCLC is VERY PROUD to be volunteering the equipment and the expertise required to build the Schoolyard Market Garden at Sutherland Secondary! We are planning to get a jump start on Saturday, March 14.

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Sutherland Market Garden Project

The North Shore Neighbourhood House’s Edible Garden Project is developing the Schoolyard Market Garden at Sutherland Secondary. This will be an innovative outdoor classroom, and will revitalize under-used school lands. The vegetables grown on the site will be sold to the community, teachers and students will use the garden as a classroom, and community will be invited into the space to learn and volunteer. Imagine geometry coming to life along the vegetable beds, science having roots outside of a beaker, and art inspired by the school’s market garden landscape. The schoolyard market garden will revitalize under-used land, grow and sell thousands of pounds of fresh produce, demonstrate organic farming practices, create green-collar jobs on the north shore, and provide an engaging outdoor classroom for students and teachers. We will demonstrate leadership in innovative environmental education and land-use that will inspire the next generation of farmers and good food lovers.

We expect hundreds of community members to participate in “the build” scheduled March 9th- 20th, and hundreds more students to benefit from this innovative space over the year.

More about the EGP:

The North Shore Neighbourhood House (NSNH) has been the heart of the community for 75 years, and is recognized for providing accessible, affordable, relevant and meaningful services and resources in our community. We believe that everyone deserves to access good food with dignity, and to fall in love with fresh picked produce. The Edible Garden Project, a program of the NSNH since 2006, brings neighbourhood based gardens to front-yards, parks, boulevards, rooftops, and schoolyards across the North Shore. We use food as a platform to transform community, address urban environmental and social issues, and empower citizens of all ages to get their hands in the soil, learn to grow their own, and choose kale over candy.

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