5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Although many people in Canada enjoy the winter weather, there’s no doubt that the snow, ice, and cold can be a little too much at times. For those who are dreaming of spring already, now is the time to book your lawn and garden maintenance contract with our experienced Horticulturists! Read on to learn why homeowners are hiring help with lawn and garden maintenance services, and why you should book your 2022 spring contract today. Happy gardening!

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Save Time and Energy

If you have a lawn or garden in your home, strata, or business, maintaining it can be very time consuming and labour intensive. Although you may enjoy cutting your lawn or garden maintenance, it’s likely that there are many other things that need to be accomplished in your day. When you hire lawn and garden maintenance professionals, they will take on the work for you while you focus on more critical tasks at hand. Find out how our lawn and garden maintenance professionals can save you time and energy.

Garden Maintenance Enjoy Your Garden with Landscaping

Save Money

Hiring lawn and garden maintenance professionals doesn’t just save time and energy; it also saves you money. Instead of wasting money on lawn and garden maintenance supplies and tools, landscape management professionals have the right equipment for the job as well as the know-how to make sure you don’t damage the landscape you currently have. A well-kept garden is an investment in your home or strata, and by ensuring your landscape is maintained properly, you’re protecting that investment.

Garden Maintenance Peace of Mind with Landscapers

Have Peace of Mind

Lawn mowing, weed control, and pruning – oh my! With lawn and garden work constantly on your mind, yard maintenance can become stressful very quickly. When you hire lawn and garden maintenance professionals, you give yourself a break and your back will thank you. Request a quote from our landscaping professionals today so you can spend more time in your beautiful garden, and less time doing lawn and garden maintenance.

Garden Maintenance Lush Gardens All Year

Have Beautiful Gardens All Year

Even if you enjoy garden maintenance, it can be physically draining and mentally exhausting. By hiring garden management professionals, you ensure that your garden is always a peaceful sanctuary for you to enjoy. The best way to keep your garden in good shape is working with a landscaping professional to maintain all your outdoor spaces. Our gardening services are highly customizable to suit your needs. Our process includes lawn maintenance, garden services, fall cleanups, debris removal, weeding, yard work, watering, and more!

Garden Maintenance Tools Less Danger

Less Danger

It can be quite dangerous to perform lawn and garden maintenance without the right tools and safety equipment. Landscape maintenance professionals will have all of the necessary tools and safety equipment, so you don’t need to worry about accidents while they work! For your convenience, our team will also handle debris removal of all lawn and garden waste responsibly.

Garden Maintenance Eco Friendly Organic

More Eco-Friendly

Our professionals are well versed on the latest in eco-friendly lawn and garden care services, saving you the time and energy of researching the latest’s in green-gardening. Professional horticulturists will use organic or premium fertilizers and beneficial garden products on your shrubs, trees, and perennials to keep them healthy. Not only is this healthier for landscape, but it’s also easier for landscape gardeners to do!

Garden Maintenance Save Time With A Landscaper

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Lawn and Garden

With lawn and garden maintenance professionals working on your landscape, you can focus on enjoying it. When lawn and garden care is taken out of your hands, you’ll be able to relax and recharge while our Horticulturists work for you.

Regular lawn and garden maintenance is important to ensure the landscape continues to look beautiful. Without lawn and garden maintenance, your landscape may not thrive or improve over time, garden design elements such as paths and fences may fail over time, landscape lighting may not accent the right items anymore, irrigation may be blocked by overgrown plants or soil, and garden ornaments such as garden gnomes or garden statues could get lost.

Our lawn and garden maintenance professionals work hands-on with you to ensure that it is as beautiful and lush as possible. They will care for your lawn and garden all year long to ensure you have the best experience enjoying your home’s natural landscape.

Now Booking for Spring 2022

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to book your lawn and garden maintenance services for 2022. We offer 9,10 or 12 month programs to ensure that your lawn and gardens are kept up to the expectations or needs of your home, strata or business.

Call us today for a free consultation to find out what our experienced gardeners and Horticulturists can do for you or your Strata.

*please note we restrict our residential lawn & garden maintenance services to North Shore residents only.


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