12 Tips for Landscaping Your Whistler Home

Are you considering landscaping your home in Whistler? If so, you’re making a great decision! There are many benefits to landscaping your home, including increased curb appeal, improved property value, and reduced energy costs. In this blog post, we will discuss twelve tips for landscaping your home in Whistler. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to creating a beautiful and functional landscape for your home!

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1. Define the purpose of your landscape.

Before you begin landscaping, it is important to take some time to think about the purpose of your landscape. What do you want it to achieve? Are you looking to create a space for entertaining, relaxing, or both? By defining the purpose of your landscape, you will be able to make better decisions about the landscape design, plants, and features that you include.

2. Consider the climate.

Whistler has a subalpine climate, which means that it generally has cool summers and cold winters. When landscaping your home in Whistler, it is important to choose plants that will be able to withstand the climate. Consider selecting native plants, as they are more likely to be adapted to the local climate. Exceptional landscapes shine all year-long. Our team is passionate about creating landscapes that help the environment. Learn more about landscaping for climate change.

Bird in cold winter weather in Whistler BC

3. Go for a low-maintenance garden.

One of the best things about landscaping your home is that it can add value to your property. However, if you choose high-maintenance plants and features, you may find that your landscape decreases in value. To avoid this, go for low-maintenance plants and features whenever possible. You’ll be grateful you did when it comes time for garden care in the summer heat and rainy months.

Low maintenance native plants

4. Plan before planting.

Once you have an idea of what you want your landscape to look like, it is time to start making a plan. Begin by creating a sketch of your property, including the house, driveway, walkways, and any existing features. Then, start planning where you would like to place new features and plants. Don’t forget to consider the sun exposure of each area when making your plan! Learn more about our detailed landscape design process.

GCLC Landscape Design Plans

5. Choose the right plants.

When landscaping your home, it is important to choose plants that will thrive in the climate and soil conditions of Whistler. Native plants are always a good choice, as they are adapted to the local conditions. You should also consider the size, shape, and colour of the plants when making your selection.

red chair in a garden

6. Place plants wisely.

Once you have selected the plants for your landscape, it is important to place them wisely. Consider the size and shape of each plant, as well as the sun exposure and soil conditions of the area where it will be planted. By placing plants wisely, you can ensure that they will thrive in their new home. Discover native plants across different regions British Columbia with this reliable organization.

ferns growing in a yard

7. Add interest with different textures.

When landscaping your home, don’t forget to add interest with different textures. This can be achieved by selecting plants with different leaf shapes and sizes, as well as by using different materials for features such as walkways and patios.

lavender growing in a garden

8. Use colour to create interest.

Color is another great way to add interest to your landscape. Consider using plants with colourful flowers or foliage, as well as incorporating colourful hardscapes such as pavers or stones.

A backyard pool with planters

9. Incorporate water features.

Water features can add a beautiful and relaxing element to your landscape. There are many different types of water features that you can choose from, so be sure to select one that will fit in with the overall design of your landscape.

Lighting Underwater 1

10. Add lighting.

Lighting can be used to highlight certain features of your landscape and create a focal point. There are many different types of lighting available, so be sure to choose one that will complement the overall look of your landscape. We refer to outdoor landscape lighting as ‘Nightscape’ lighting which is a noun that depicts a scene viewed at night, especially as represented in art. In our case, the art is the landscape created and installed to beautify your home.

Wood patio lit up at night with landscape lighting

11. Use mulch.

Mulch is a great way to protect your plants and help them retain moisture. It can also give your landscape a polished look. When selecting mulch, be sure to choose one that will complement the overall color scheme of your landscape.

Mulch in a mans hands

12. Consider Whistler Wildlife.

When landscaping in Whistler, it is important to consider the local wildlife. Bears and cougars are often attracted to yards with fruit trees, so it is important to consider this when choosing plants for your landscape. If you do have fruit trees, be sure to keep them well-maintained and pick up any fallen fruit to avoid attracting unwanted visitors.

brown bear in the wild

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