Landscape Lighting Promo

Light up!Did you know that switching your existing Landscape Light bulbs to LED’s can save you $500-1000 in the first year alone!

Generally when you switch to LED light bulbs, the initial cost up-front can seem like a lot. However, it is found that within 2-3 seasons the cost outweighs the benefits. The main benefit is you are using less power, the bulbs last upwards of 25,000+ hours and are cooler. All of these add up to savings in your pocket year after year. Considering that the average consumer uses their lights for 4+ hours per day, the light bulbs should last a minimum of 17 years before replacing based on a 25,000 hour lifespan.

As the winter season grows closer, it begins getting dark earlier and earlier, leaving your landscape in the dark. Now is the perfect time to install landscape lighting to illuminate your beautiful landscape and outdoor living spaces. Extend your living space and illuminate the landscape that you enjoy during the day into the evening. Path and accent lighting is key to having a safe and secure home. We would love to have the opportunity to come and discuss the LED options that are available from many of our preferred suppliers such as Hadco, Kichler and Focus Lighting.

Our landscape lighting services include:

Architectural and landscape lighting design
Annual and seasonal maintenance and adjustments
Security illumination and motion-activated perimeter lighting
Holiday celebration lighting
Existing system repairs and maintenance