Top 6 sexiest indoor plants on the planet:

Add new dimension to your workspace or home for under $20!
#5 Coral Cactus – It’s not a traditional cactus, but looks like a coral reef with crinkled cabbage looking leaves. A nice and easy plant for the indoor grower. 

#4 Pincushion Cactus – The most popular cacti in the home, ball-like in shape and is able to grow in bright sun. They flower, require dry soil and have pin pointed spines around them. Ouch! 

#3 Panda Plant – This plant has a unique appearance with leaves covered with soft silver hairs and a fuzzy blue-grey appearance.

#2 Jade Plant – The original Money Tree, Friendship or Lucky Plant. Commonly found in most West Coast homes today. White and pink flowers bloom and look amazing!

#1 Aloe Vera – The Medicine Plant is a perfect succulent plant to be grown indoors. The gel from a cut leaf can be used on the face and body which is perfect for treating acne, dry skin, eczema, sunburns and all types of wounds.

What is with all the buzz about succulents?

Succulents are taking our homes by storm! They are small, affordable and easily maintained indoor plants that provide an escape to any bright lit living space and will inherently boost the natural nourishment of any window ledge.

Where do they go? 

Succulents can survive in very hot, dry places and bright lit areas inside your home. We like to place them on the window ledge of the kitchen, a bathroom or in a sunny room of our home.

Where do I plant them?

Succulent plants do not require large places or huge planting pots, they can live in hanger pots, old tea cups, tin cans, wine glasses and are also great as a focal point on your office desk.

How do I keep them alive?

It is super, super easy to grow succulents. They need very little watering at all. Succulent plants require dry settings, sandy soils and medium to high light with fertilization twice a year.


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