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Do You Want a Lush Green Lawn? 

Let one of our Turf experts show you how Great Canadian can make this a reality!

At Great Canadian we take pride in installations only the best Turf and Seed available in our local area. We proudly install Bos Sod, they are premium, local providers of turf to the top installers and golf courses throughout B.C. We installing a lawn it is important to ensure that you have a great base to allow the turf to succeed as well as drainage. Before you install a new lawn, you need to discuss any current issues such as drainage, light or elements that may affect the new turf and ensure our estimators prepare an estimate for a lawn that will succeed. Our goal is to install a new lawn that lasts and provides years of enjoyment.
Is your lawn looking tired or patchy after the long dry summers or wet winters? Has your lawn been invaded by the Chafer Beetle and the local crows and raccoons torn your lawn apart?

We can repair your lawn with a combination of techniques.

1) We start by power raking the old lawn, raking up all of the debris.
2) Then we aerate the lawn to make sure it drains and is less compacted.
3) The next step is to over seed the lawn.
4) Then we cover the seed with about 1-1.5” of turf blend soil.
5) After it has been spread, we take it evenly, roll and rake again.
6) Then we over-seed it one more time and roll it one more time.
7) The last step is to apply a premium seed starter fertilizer and water it in.
From there it is left in your capable hands to ensure it gets watered with our watering program or we set the irrigation system to a program specifically designed to ensure your seed germinates in no time.

Want to get rid of the chafer beetle?

We have a solution that can be applied during the months of June to October. Call our office to learn more about our new program and let’s get rid of the Chafer Beetle once and for all.


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We service residential & commercial properties in Vancouver, the North Shore and the Sea to Sky Corridor.

We are experts in Landscape Design, Maintenance, Installation, Carpentry, and Snow & Ice Management Services.

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