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Want to Grow with US?

Want to Grow with US?   Want to Grow with US? Its easy... just email your resume and cover letter to or apply online @ We offer a great place to work, grow and develop your career in Horticulture and Landscape...

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Rempel Residence

Rempel Residence   One of the best views in North Vancouver was maintained through this amazing landscape transformation. We replace the existing rotten deck with a custom Trex deck, outdoor BBQ island, Solus firepit, 2 sided water feature, landscape lighting and...

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Huang Residence – Where Trex meets Stone

Huang Residence - Where Trex meets Stone   We had a lot of fun on this project and had to get creative with the expansion of the deck and setbacks of the nearby slope and river. Not only did that cause some challenges, so did the massive granite boulder that this...

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North Vancouver’s Native Bee Garden

North Vancouver's Native Bee Garden   In 2011, our company approached the District of North Vancouver to have the opportunity to develop a plot of land that was full of weeds and bramble on Capilano Road near Ridgewood. It has now turned into a living Native Bee...

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Lu Residence

Lu Residence   This project was a completed in 2016 and was part of a major renovation to the house and landscape. We completed a full landscape overall which included paving stone driveway & patio, slab patio on risers, custom cedar pergola, architectural...

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Eppich Residence

Eppich Residence   One of the jewels of West Vancouver is this Arthur Erickson designed property and landscape design by Cornelia Oberlander. Our team has had the pleasure to maintain for over 15 years now and throughout the process add and modify when requested....

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DeGeer Residence

DeGeer Residence   One of the greatest achievements was installing an obove ground pool without the feeling that it was one... our clients had their mind set on making this a reality and our team made it work. In the end it expanded the main entertaining space...

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Mulberry Property Group Build

Mulberry Property Group Build   Installed in 2016 in West Vancouver, BC for Mulberry Property Group. Truly one of the best views in the city and nothing will ever come into its view. From Baker to Vancouver Island you can see it all. Our company was responsible...

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Hayne Residence

Hayne Residence   In 2017 We transformed this landscape from a garden full of weeds and a poorly maintained yard to a beautiful oasis for entertaining and gathering with friends on the custom Trex Deck, renovated gardens and landscape and irrigation and Kichler...

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We service residential & commercial properties in Vancouver, the North Shore and the Sea to Sky Corridor.

We are experts in Landscape Design, Maintenance, Installation, Carpentry, and Snow & Ice Management services.

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