Healthy, lush lawns depend partly on healthy soil. When we talk about soil quality, we’re often referring to the acidity level, or pH. Maintaining an appropriate pH improves your lawn by allowing grass to uptake nutrients properly and warding off moss growth. Regular and seasonal maintenance helps keep your lawn beautiful by keeping the soil quality balanced after the stressors of each season. In the spring, after a typical wet Vancouver winter, we wake up lawns with a combination of moss control, core aeration and liming.

If you need to ‘wake up’ your lawn, we’re offering a Moss Control, Core Aeration, and Liming Packages for only $125*. Call our office to book, 604.359.2359

*Savings of approximately $50, based on a 2000 square foot lawn. Larger lawns may cost additional.  Taxes not included. Valid during 2014.

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