An Expert Guide to Landscape Design

Planning the perfect landscape is something all homeowners aspire to do. Having a functional and beautiful landscape design not only increases the curb appeal of your home, it increases the property value too.

A detailed landscape design is the foundation to your project running smoothly. By investing in a comprehensive landscape design strategy, costly mistakes can be avoided, while giving you the opportunity to be creative with transforming your outdoor spaces.

This article will cover the basics of landscape design, DIY design programs, landscape design ideas, landscape maintenance considerations, and how landscape design can increase your property value.

Read on to take the first step in planning your landscape design!

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The Basics of Landscape Design

Developing a solution for your outdoor spaces begins with a creative analysis of both the weaknesses and opportunities that may exist in the landscape. Before you start digging, go through the following three steps:

    1. Write a list of all your wants and needs in your ideal outdoor space or landscape.
    2. Determine if the conditions of your space meet your landscape design ideas. Things to consider are site access, grades, drainage, and sun exposure.
    3. Make sure your preliminary budgets and timelines, as well as access to the required expertise and materials are available to bring the project to life.

If the idea of getting your hands dirty to gather this vital info makes your head spin, consider having a professional landscape design consult. When you work with professional landscape designers, they will put together a customized design proposal with this information. This proposal might include things like concept drawings, vision boards, 2D and 3D renderings, planting, irrigation and lighting plans, and detailed construction drawings.

DIY with a Landscape Design Program

If hiring a landscaper or landscape design is out of the question, consider using a landscape design program to make the design process easier. There are a number of free and paid landscape design software programs available for the garden enthusiast or avid DIY-er. Some of the best landscape design software available in 2021 are:


Landscape Design Ideas

Creating a visual representation of your outdoor space or landscape guarantees you’ll get exactly what you want. Explore the following ideas to create the perfect landscape design:


Hardscaping elements are the framework from which the rest of your landscape is constructed providing form and structure for any outdoor space or landscape. This includes your driveway, pathway around the house, and retaining walls. View our hardscape gallery for design inspiration.


The art of constructing the outdoor environment with timber and composite products is an essential part of defining your landscape. Fencesdecksstaircasesarbourspergolasretaining walls, and art pieces create outdoor spaces worth living in.

Water Features

Embracing the aesthetic and acoustics of water in a landscape sets an unparalleled ambiance while creating focal points of interest and movement. A water feature can include sophisticated ponds and streams as well as unassuming gurglers and fountains. Find inspiration for your next water feature.


Softscape components in a landscape are critical in producing various sensory experiences and feelings including smell, acoustics and touch, which can be altered by simply manipulating a few of these key elements. Learn more about softscape planning in the Lower Mainland, and what maintenance requirements come along with the different plants available.


For centuries, lawns have been the crowning achievement to any landscape, and lately, have become multi-functional spaces for those seeking more from their landscapes. Creating a beautiful lawn starts with choosing what kind of grass you’ll be using. Learn more about the difference between natural and synthetic grass (also known as turf), and the required maintenance involved.


The benefits of irrigation systems are plentiful as they provide efficient and consistent deep root watering and can be programmed by a simplified control system or even from your smart phone with Wi-Fi technology. Gone are the days of needing to manually water your lawn. Find more information on designing your irrigation system.

Landscape Lighting

A well-designed landscape lighting system can add significant value and enjoyment to your landscapes. By utilizing LED lighting solutions, your system will be eco-friendly, consume minimal energy, and last for years. Search for custom landscape lighting solutions to ensure your home, strata, or business is more secure and enjoyable into the night. Find helpful landscape lighting examples for your next design project.


How do you Maintain a Landscape?

Landscape maintenance is critical to think about when designing your landscapes. Yards, gardens, and lawns all have unique needs at different times of the year. If you’re not up for taking care of the required maintenance in the long run, you have two choices:

    1. Design a simple layout, and make sure you’ve planted low-maintenance plants. This kind of planning is critical to do before you’ve completed your landscape project – there’s no point in designing a garden or front yard that you don’t have the tools, time, or expertise to maintain.
    2. Hire an expert team to maintain your landscape design. A beautiful and well-maintained landscape can add a lot to your home’s value which translates into a great return on your landscaping investment.


Benefits to Hiring a Landscaper for Landscape Maintenance

Not only does our team love building beautiful landscapes, we really love keeping them that way. Our team provides detailed and refined maintenance programs that include lawn cutting, garden care, weeding, cultivating, fertilization programs, seasonal cleanups, and plantings to keep your garden as beautiful as the day it was installed. Learn why many homeowners choose to hire a professional to maintain their landscape design.


When to Hire a Landscape Maintenance Professional

We’re currently booking 6 months in advance for landscape maintenance projects. Now is the perfect time to contact us for more information on maintenance projects and packages for the Spring.


Why You Should Invest in Landscape Design

From breathtaking gardens to having the ability to entertain in your outdoor space all year long, here are some of the reasons investing in your landscape design is money well spent.

Curb Appeal

If you’re considering listing your house for sale in the near future, improving your landscape design is guaranteed to increase the curb appeal of your space. A well maintained lawn, vegetable garden, landscape architecture (patio, privacy wall, fire pit), or space for outdoor entertaining are such to catch the eye of potential homebuyers. Get more money for your home when you bring your landscape design ideas to life.

Better Views

A beautiful landscape design is enjoyed from both outside and inside. When you improve your front yard and backyard, you’ll enjoy the new views from inside your house too. Working with the natural environment, you can install a variety of plants, flowers, verdant trees, or shrubs to create privacy around your house. Feel more connected to the nature all around you when you design your landscape with a professional.

Improved Outdoor Living

An outdoor living space is an important area of your home; between entertaining, lounging, and family dining, it’s an area worth bringing your design ideas to life in. Some of the most popular features to make your outdoor space more enjoyable are: water features, a pool, an outdoor kitchen, large trees to create privacy, custom carpentry work like decking and furniture, paving and design leading up to your front door, and using plants to create shade.

Increased Property Value

Landscaping and real estate experts agree that curb side appeal creates excitement and anticipation for what’s inside. So how much should you invest in creating a profession landscape? Studies suggest that you can increase your house’s value anywhere from 5-15% by upgrading your landscape. Planting some flowers and paving the steps to your front door might not seem like much, but if you’re planning to sell, a first impression filled with colourful flowers, seasonal planters and a tidy entryway makes a difference.


Talk to a Landscape Designer about your Landscape Design Ideas

We are experts in all aspects of our field, as many of our team leaders are certified landscape technicians, red seal carpenters, and accredited installers, ensuring you’re receiving the latest industry practices and standards. We’re certified in integrated pest management, synthetic turf installation, BCLNA horticulture practices and pride ourselves on managing all aspects of your landscaping, so you only need one point of contact.

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