Softscape components in a landscape are critical in producing various sensory experiences and feelings including smell, acoustics and touch, which can be altered by simply manipulating a few of these key elements.


Soils and growing medium serve as the foundation from which your living landscapes thrive, an essential component in the effective growth of grasses, plants and trees; all of which require unique ratios of aggregates, sand and organics to produce ideal growing conditions.

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As an added layer of protection to the root structures of plant and trees, natural and composted mulches reduce the requirements for weeding and cultivating soils due to its high acidity also aiding in the retention of water during dryer months.

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Foliage or floral annuals serve as a seasonal source of color and texture, adding elegance and excitement to surrounding garden beds, planters and entrance ways. Lasting only a few months, annuals can be planted several times a year bringing life to your garden as the seasons change.

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Let our inventive team of Horticulturalists create a color and texture palette perfect for your custom pots or planters, adding in seasonal favorites that can proudly be displayed at your home’s entrance, around a swimming pool or exhibited on patios and balconies.


Pruning and shaping is an essential part of maintenance on hedges. Not only to establish aesthetic form and strength but to promote growth from within, encouraging nutrients to feed the existing branch structure rather than push growth outwards.

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A successful tree pruning should leave a specimen looking translucent with a visible branch structure that encourages air flow and unrestricted foliage growth. Inadequate pruning can result in a drawn-out recovery process or even shock and potential mortality of the specimen.

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