During the winter season, we understand how important safety is for our residential and commercial clients. We offer snow removal services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from December to March. Our snow removal service is available throughout the North Shore, Vancouver, and many municipalities in the Lower Mainland.

As a snow removal company, we offer:

·      snow plowing and snow clearing services for parking lots;

·      shovelling packed snow off main roads and important access routes;

·      salting roadways and driveways;

·      and ensuring any trouble spots on your property are cleared.

We also provide services to property management companies on the North Shore and in the Greater Vancouver Area, keeping your property safe from the snow. In addition to keeping you and your property safe, we take pride in creating a safe environment for our employees; as a result we carry extensive insurance to protect you and our employees from accidents.

Snow and Ice Management Services GCLC Truck
Snow and Ice Management Services GCLC Truck With Plow optimized
Snow and Ice Management Services GCLC Truck With Deicing Brine optimized
Snow Clearing and De Icing Services


The first step in combatting forecasted sub-zero temperatures and the chance of black ice is the application of an environmentally friendly de-icer to all pedestrian and vehicular surfaces when temperatures are forecasted up to and including one degree Celsius. Slippery conditions are dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles alike. Contact us today to learn more about our black ice control service, and how to avoid dangerous situations caused by freezing rain or an unexpected snow storm.


Keeping your sidewalks ice-free can be a challenge in the winter season. To melt and prevent the formation of ice, we use an environmentally friendly de-icer. The de-icer is commonly applied to sidewalks where there is pedestrian traffic. For parking lots, or areas where there is a lot of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, we apply salt to ensure de-icing is as effective as possible. Salt is applied at the onset of a storm to prevent ice and snow from bonding to the pavement.


Keeping your driveway and access to parked cars clear is an integral part of our snow and ice management program. We utilize truck-mounted snowplows to get things done in a timely manner and get into many small areas that large plow trucks cannot. Snow plowing prevents a buildup of snow, which if left to pile for too long can become much harder to move. Don’t wait for snow to pile up and cause safety issues. If a heavy snowfall is in the forecast, give us call.


Utilizing an efficient team of boots-on-the-ground staff, we work around the clock to keep your entrances and sidewalks clear of snow, providing a safe way for your friends, family, and clients to get to and from your home or business, complying closely to all city bylaws. No property is too big or too small for us to provide snow shovelling services. With staff available 24/7 in the winter months, we’re a snow removal company you can rely on. For further information on manual snow removal, give us a call.

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