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Embracing the aesthetic and acoustics of water in a landscape sets an unparalleled ambiance while creating focal points of interest and movement. Water features can include sophisticated ponds and streams as well as unassuming gurglers and fountains.


In addition to being an aesthetic point of interest in a landscape a pond also serves as an important ecosystem utilized by surrounding marine life including aquatic plants, insects, birds and amphibians.



Stand alone or integrated waterfalls and spillovers bring a heightened pace of movement and acoustics to your landscape which can elicit healing properties as well as act as a noise barrier to busy streets and situational noise.

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Bioswales Water Features GCLC


Bioswales are innovative means of capturing storm water runoff in a landscape, allowing it to percolate naturally into the sub-grade. This has become an increasingly popular application in residential and commercial landscapes to mitigate flooding and manage irrigation of surrounding plant list.


A dry creek or stream bed is similar to a ravine or trough usually lined with stones of varying sizes and edged with plants to mimic a natural riparian area often integrated into a bioswale to encourage drainage into the sub-grade, or to break up your landscape.

Dry Riverbeds Water Features GCLC

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