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Looking for a professional landscaping company that can help you create the perfect outdoor space?

Great Canadian Landscaping Company has been designing beautiful landscapes for homes and businesses across Vancouver, the North Shore and the Sea to Sky Corridor for over 20 years. We understand that creating a visual representation of your outdoor space is the best way to guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want. Let us help you bring your vision to life!

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction. From start to finish, we’ll be there to guide you and answer any questions you may have. You won’t find a better landscaping company in North Vancouver – or anywhere else, for that matter.

Creating a visual representation of your outdoor space guarantees you’ll get exactly what you want. Design first, build second! Read on to learn about our landscape design process.

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When you work with The Great Canadian Landscaping Company you can take comfort knowing that you are enlisting the help of a talented team of professionals. During the course of your project, our Installation Team is supported by our Project Manager, Estimator, and Landscape Designer. They will regularly come to site, ensuring that your landscape design is being executed and installed exactly as laid out on the plan, aesthetically critiquing all elements as they are installed, to ensure perfection throughout the entire process.


Initial Design Consultation

During the initial consultation (phone call or meeting at your house), our landscape designer will have their first conversations with you about the project scope including location, size, initial design ideas, uses, materials, budget, and timeline.


Site Analysis

Site Analysis

As part of the Site Analysis, our landscape designer will undertake a site inventory and analysis usually using a survey plan (to be provided by you or a professional surveyor). If a current survey is not available this will need to be completed before the next phase of the design depending on size of landscape design and overall project scope. The Site Analysis includes locating site features, current plants to be retained, reviewing the terrain and obtaining elevations if needed, existing building or structures, evaluating the current uses, and environmental factors (site orientation, sun, shade, noise, wind, water, soil, etc). Our Landscape Designer will also walk around the surrounding area or neighbourhood to get some understanding of the local area (uses, architecture, vegetation, culture, etc).

If it is a smaller project where a survey is not required, our Landscape Designer will complete an on-site visit(s) to take all necessary site measurements and elevations. As part of the process they will also take site photos and partake in a final overview of scope with the client.

Base Plan

During this phase, our Landscape Designer will prepare a plan of the existing site layout from Site Survey, Architectural Drawings prepared for new or renovation project being completed or on-site measurements depending on size of project being undertaken.

Base Plan

Concept Plan

Concept Plan

The initial concept design stage is the when our landscape designer puts their ideas into our Landscape Design Software to develop the initial ideas for the project.

As there are varying sizes and scales of landscape projects, some may require a Landscape Architect, Geotechnical or Structural Engineer to be involved. During the concept stage we will prepare a few landscape design ideas and then move onto the final version once client communication / reviews have been completed.

The main objective of Concept Plan is to develop a clear understanding of the ideas provided to our Landscape design from the client with an understanding of the proposed area of work and scope as well as overall aesthetic. These plans often include land use, access and topographical notes, project images, renders (perspective, aerial, etc), typical material palettes, all depending on the client’s requirements.

During Concept development our Landscape Designer could also have to provide documents required by government for permit approval.

This stage also includes design time to review inspiration material and will prepare a concept plan for the Landscape design as discussed. As all outdoor spaces are different, our landscape design planning process is highly individualized to your property.

Concept Plan (Final)

During this Final stage, the initial concept is further developed as required to provide the client with greater understanding of the overall landscape design. This is the stage when landscape designer develop their ideas in more detail to ensure that the concept design is achievable and will meet the client needs. At this stage, our Landscape Designer also determines if there are any major issues (topographic, access, services, drainage, budget) as the design evolves and reviews with Engineers if needed to investigate and design their own design with greater detail.

Often clients see the initial concept plan but don’t fully understand that it is a concept and there needs to be further detailed design undertaken to resolve the initial concept and ensure it is viable (financially, constructibility, etc).

This portion is the final phase of design development and includes colour plans, sections, material palettes with notation about materials, colours, heights and more.

Depending on design scope and needs, this phase can also include highly detailed documents (plans, sections, details, material schedules) ready for landscape construction companies (and/or quantity surveyors) to provide an initial pricing (tender) on the project. This is usually determined based on design needs and client expectations during the initial discussions.

Concept Plan Final

Construction Drawing

Construction Drawings

Construction Drawings are design documents that include detailed site plans, sections, schedules, construction details, quantities, and a specification for landscape suppliers or vendors to utilize for pricing or to build the project.

This stage often requires coordination with other consultants or engineers to reduce the possibility for construction issues and to allow for resolution of overlapping design elements (architecture, landscape, lighting, engineering, etc.)

Planting Plan

During this portion of the landscape design process, our Landscape Designer develops the planting scheme or layout including detailed planting list, sizes, and quantities. Whether you want a full vegetable garden in your front yard, or a peaceful flowers in the backyard, we will integrate the perfect plants for your landscape design. This process may also include a catalogue of pictures outlining the feature elements or all plants included for your gardens.

Planting Plan

lighting 1

Lighting Plan

Preparing a plan for Landscape Lighting includes a layout plan of all exterior lighting fixtures and specifications. It will also include pictures of products to be installed. Outdoor lighting is ideal for entertaining in your garden, and an exciting stage of landscape design. If you’re looking to really up your home’s curb appeal, consider planning a fire pit or water features.

Irrigation Plan

During this phase, the architect or designer will prepare a fully featured 3D Model and Renderings as needed to show a realistic outlook of the design concept completed.

3D Model

Seeing is believing and that is the purpose of our 3D rendering option. Our Landscape designer will prepare a fully featured 3D Model and renderings as needed to show a realistic outlook of the design concept completed.

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Consultation 1

Design Handoff

This phase includes a meeting with the client in our office, on site, or by virtual meeting to present and review the final design as approved and completed with our estimator.

Professional Services

For a landscape design to be successful, involving professionals such as Surveyors, Geotechnical or Structural Engineers may be required. We have built strong strategic relationships with these professionals to ensure we bring our designs together in a timely manner.

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