Watering Restriction Regulations

Stage 3 Lawn Sprinkling Regulations

Due to extreme weather conditions in the region and record lows in our reservoirs, Stage 3 Watering Restrictions have been in effect since July 20. It is expected that these restrictions may take place until the end of October. The Sunshine Coast has recently jumped to Stage 4, however Metro Vancouver is predicted as unlikely to move to Stage 4 due to residents conservation efforts.

Stage 3 Prohibitions:

  • Any lawn sprinkling whatsoever
  • New watering permits
  • Operation of fountains
  • Private pressure washing
  • Washing driveways and such for aesthetic purposes
  • Filling or refilling private pools, hot tubs and ponds
  • Washing vehicles besides windshields, licences plates and lights for safety reasons
  • Watering of trees, shrubs, flowers, decorative planters and vegetable gardens by sprinklers or soaker hoses is prohibited

What You CAN Do:

  • Hand watering using a spring-loaded shut off nozzle, containers or drip irrigation for shrubs, flowers and trees
  • Hosing outdoor surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks only for public safety reasons
  • Minimal watering for sports and school playing fields
  • Commercial pressure washing for health and safety
  • Minimal watering for golf courses
  • Commercial car washes

Not To Worry!
Just let your lawn go brown – don’t worry, it’s not dead, just dormant! The grass will green up in the fall after some good rain.