Are you prepared for the snow & ice this season?

During the winter season, we understand how important safety is for our residential and commercial clients. We offer snow removal services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from December to March. Our snow removal service is available throughout the North Shore, Vancouver, and many municipalities in the Lower Mainland.

Our services include residential snow removal and commercial snow removal for all types of properties. We also service many local businesses and industrial clients. We provide excellent service to all of our clients and take pride in our snow removal service we offer.

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Snow and Ice Management Services we offer include:

Black Ice Protocol

The first step in combatting forecasted sub-zero temperatures and the chance of black ice is the application of environmentally friendly de-icer to all pedestrian and salt to vehicular surfaces when temperatures are forecasted up to and including one degree Celsius. Black ice is very dangerous and when it is not managed can lead to costly lawsuits and bodily injuries on your property.


Keeping your sidewalks ice free can be a challenge in our environment. Our goal always is to keep the environment, pets and plants in mind when choosing an option for De-icing. We utilize environmentally friendly deicer during our applications to all outside sidewalks and we use salt in parking lots, parkade entrances and private roadways to ensure it is as effective as possible and keep it safe and ice free.

Snow Plowing

Keeping your driveway, private roadways and parking lots clear is an integral part of our snow and ice management program. We utilize truck-mounted snowplows to get things done in a timely manner and get into many small areas that large plow trucks cannot.

Snow Shoveling

Utilizing an efficient team of boots-on-the-ground staff, we work around the clock to keep your building entrances and sidewalks clear of snow, providing a safe way for your friends, family and clients to get to and from your home, strata or business with the purpose of complying closely to all municipal bylaws.

How much does snow removal usually cost?

We provide seasonal estimates with per visit pricing on all of the above Snow Removal Services. Our pricing is set per service visit. This will ensure costs are consistent throughout the winter season and allow you the peace of mind knowing what each visit will cost. If you prefer to be billed by the service hour and ice management product used, we also can offer this as an option. We have crews that specialize in Residential Snow Removal and Commercial Snow Removal.

What is the fastest way to remove snow?

Removing snow is easier when the pre-salting or de-icing has occurred. It prevents ice buildup and also ensures that between service visits that the opportunity for ice to build up is prevented, keeping your site safer as well. The use of equipment such as plows or hand shoveling is quicker in most cases than utilization of Skid Steers with smaller buckets, Snow Blowers or ATV plows that are not as accurate or capable of snow removal in a timely fashion. Snow plowing is by far the fastest way of clearing snow from a parking lot or private road and shoveling snow. If large piles of snow accumulate we can arrange for a loader to come onto site and load dump trucks to remove off site at an additional cost.

How do you manually remove or clear snow?

We manually remove snow with our team that is on the ground, by using a combination of snow shovel and ice scrapers, our team can make sure sidewalks are clean and tidy before we apply de-icer to them. We also use shovels to ensure the edges of your driveways are clear after plowing if needed. The combination of the use of these tools make its fast, clean and accurate.

Why choose The Great Canadian Landscaping Company?

Our job is to make your experience easy. We not only provide Snow and Ice Management services, we are a one stop shop for Landscape Design, Installation, Carpentry and Landscape Maintenance. For over 21 years we have made it our duty to “Building Community, One Landscape at a time”. We are experts in all aspects of our field, with many of our team leaders being certified landscape technicians, Red Seal Horticulturists and Red Seal Carpenters, and accredited installers in the products we represent, ensuring you’re receiving the latest industry practices and standards. We’re certified in integrated pest management, synthetic turf installation, BCLNA horticulture practices and pride ourselves on managing all aspects of your landscaping, so you only need one point of contact.

You are hiring professionals and masters of their craft, with a passion for creating and maintaining incredible landscapes. We live an breath what we do and care about providing a quality service while treating your home, business or commercial property as if it was our own.

Areas We Serve

We service residential and commercial properties in Vancouver, North Shore and the Sea to Sky Corridor.

We are experts in Landscape Design, Maintenance, Installation, Carpentry, and Snow & Ice Management Services. Click here to learn more about our services.

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You are hiring professionals and masters of their craft, with a passion for creating and maintaining incredible landscapes. We live an breath what we do and care about providing a quality service while treating your home, business or commercial property as if it was our own.

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